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Online Survey Earnings – Spend It Now or Save It for later? Our Members Spoke.

A lady holds money to pay a restaurant bill to accompany the blog online survey earning - spend it now or save it for later? our members spoke.Participating in online surveys is not a walk in the park, though it is definitely one of the easiest ways to earn extra income in the form of rewards.   We spend time and energy answering questions (some are a few minutes while others needs hours to complete) to earn points until we meet the minimum requirement to redeem for great Rewards.  Some people complete online surveys for fun and some of us do it for the extra benefits.  Paid surveys are one of the most popular trends in earning extra income today that you can easily do in the comfort of your own home.  The question is what do we do the moment we earn enough points to redeem our choice of reward?  Do we spend it right away or save it for something later on?

To understand our member’s pulse, our latest mini -poll asked members if they would rather spend their earnings right away or save them for something they want to buy or do later.  The results are in and showed that the vast majority of our members are “Savers”.  Eight out of ten people said they prefer saving their earnings while the rest said they spend them right away.  How about you? Would you spend now or save later?

Imagine the expense of daily life today. While most of our monthly income goes to housing cost (rent / mortgage), education, food and travel, most of the time we sacrifice our own personal needs so we can fit all these expenses in our budget. This is where our online survey earnings help a lot.  The extra cash or the vouchers we earn by just spending a few minutes or hours of our time sharing our opinion in the comforts of our own home will absolutely come in handy to pay for the things we need that does not fit in our budget.  Needless to say, we are going to enjoy the benefits. Be it right now or later, we win in both ways.

Whether you are spender or a saver, you are a winner at OpinionWorld because we Reward you for all your hard work in completing online surveys with us.  Not a member yet? Join us today and start earning great rewards with us!  Happy survey taking!

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