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The Refer a Friend Programme is back!

A banner reading refer a friend is back! log in to your account to find out your unique sharing link NOW!

You play a very important role in helping our community grow, providing your valued opinions with our online surveys and we are grateful for your interest in sharing OpinionWorld with your friends.  As a token of our appreciation, we brought back the Refer a Friend Programme.  As you wished, you may now invite your friends to join OpinionWorld and get a chance to earn bonus points for five (5) successful referrals!  

To properly guide you with this process, here are the things you need to know:

•    You will be provided a unique link to send to your referrals either via email, by sharing to your social media pages or by any means you would like to use it.
•    To access your Refer a Friend link, simply log-in to your account and click on the Orange Refer a Friend button at the right side of your account page.  The button will then expand and pull out a section where you can find a box containing your unique link.  The social media share icons are also ready and handy for you to click and share the link with these socials you may be a member of.
•    You will be rewarded 50 points for each successful referral and you may refer up to a maximum of 5 people.
•    Your reward will be credited to your account 2 weeks after your referral has successfully completed his/her first client survey.  A client survey starts with project code, “PRJ” and offers points for completion.  Please note that Profile Surveys, which start with letter “S” do not count this programme.

IMPORTANT: We are able to track your referrals through your unique Refer a Friend link. If you do not use this link then we will be unable to monitor your success and rewards.  Please read full terms here.

Together we can make OpinionWorld not only the best but the biggest Online Survey community in Australia.  Invite your friends to join us now and be rewarded!
Not a member yet? Join today for free and enjoy the perks of being an OpinionWorld member!

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