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In-store versus On-line shopping, which one do you prefer?

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Ever felt like time is running so fast we rarely notice hours or days and even months have passed so quickly? Between work, family and other activities, managing our time have become an everyday struggle that we rarely even have a few minutes to spare for shopping. Of course, aside from inability to squeeze in ample time to shop as we succumb to the reality of living in a world that has become a jungle of unprecedented tasks to juggle, budget issues also interfere with our yearning to indulge ourselves in the wonder of shopping like we used to do back when we still live in a normal world. With that in mind, we conducted a mini poll asking our members how they prefer to shop and amazingly gathered a whopping 3,854 votes. Obviously, people are still hooked in this trend. Who wouldn’t be? It’s an amazing way to release all those stress that we take from trying to live a normal life right? What surprised us was the huge difference between those who would still prefer going to the mall and shop in-store over those who selected online shopping. Yes, more people would still take a trip and battle the heavy traffic congestion just to visit their favourite store and buy the things they want or need (mostly to chase discounted offers). Sixty eight percent amazingly voted for In-Store shopping while the remaining thirty two percent opted to shop Online. The question is, which is the better way to shop?

When you shop at the store, you are able to see, check and test the product before you make a purchase. Having this advantage provides security and peace of mind knowing you’re bringing home what your money’s worth unlike going through the hassle of waiting when you return a damaged product that you purchased online. On the other hand, shopping online gives you the convenience of doing it anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection in your most convenient time, whereas in-store shopping can be quite tiring, especially when you need to take a long trip to the mall, get caught in the middle of traffic congestion and spend money on gas. These are just a few out of various pros and cons between the two.

Luckily, online paid surveys like what we offer in OpinionWorld offers you a hand to ease your shopping dilemma. With paid surveys that you can conveniently do at home, not only earning extra cash to abet your shopping budget shortage are offered, physical and electronic vouchers are likewise available. Either way, paid surveys are undoubtedly worth every second of your time. In OpinionWorld, we assure you have a choice and earning from our paid surveys will guarantee to lend you a helping hand whether you shop online or at the store.

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