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Australia’s Stock Market and What Our Members Think About It

Following Australian stock market’s fluctuation rates, according to News.com.au, the latest about  Australian’s dollar has tipped to hit 75 US cents in months after plunging below 80 US cents for the first time in five in a half years.  It was reported that it was the first time the Australian dollar had fallen below 80 US cents since July of 2009 and although the currency managed to rebound within minutes, currency analysts say we should get used to it as it is expected to fall to around 76 US cents by mid-year.

A spread of 100 and 50 AUD notes, for the blog Australia’s Stock Market and What Our Members Think About It 

To see what our OpinionWorld Australia members thought about Australia’s stock market, our latest Mini Poll asked members which of the following statements best describes their overall knowledge about Australia’s stock market.  Results show that 9% said (258 votes) they know it very well, 28% said (772 votes) they know very little, 28% (773 votes) said they don’t pay close attention to it and 36% (1,004 votes) said they have no idea.  Results show that majority of the members don’t have much knowledge about how the stock market in Australia works.

At OpinionWorld Australia, we are ardent to hear what our members think of the country’s stock market situation, businesses, government bodies and other similar organisations and the services they provide through paid online surveys.   We help our clients take important decision about their products and services by fielding a variety of online surveys with interesting topics about the services you use every day, your political views, testing new products that are either out or not out in the market yet, stock market studies, banking and finance and a lot more!   In order to get our member’s pulse, responses to our Mini Poll help give us some background what top responses we get that may help us see a clearer picture how Aussies are involved with the country’s current situation or how you feel about the products and services you use every day.  More to come and hope you’re ready to cast your vote in our next Mini Poll!  Stay tuned!

Going back to Australia’s stock market, while it is unfortunately expected to fluctuate by mid this year, at OpinionWorld Australia, expect that the opportunity of earning great online rewards will continue to proliferate by actively participating in our paid surveys.   Remember that each time you successfully complete online surveys with us, you get to earn points you can redeem in any of our exciting reward offers.   So continue being an active participant and save up and increase those points through sharing your valuable opinions.  Not only you help our client’s improve their services better, you are rewarded for your efforts!  Would you like to know what you get for completing our paid online surveys?  Check our reward offers here.

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