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Part 6: Steve and Kate Take on the challenges of parenting

Steve and Kate find difficulty to take care of the baby while both working

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Whoever came up with the concept of paternity leave deserves a medal. It was incredible to spend such a big chunk of time with Kate and Holly, and I know it helped create a special bond between the three of us that will last forever. Unfortunately, reality beckons. Both Kate and I are now back at work, and it’s not all smooth sailing.

It all adds up…

As much as Kate would’ve liked to stay at home with Holly, our mortgage is a major factor. That beautiful big backyard, spacious living room and killer location ain’t going to pay for themselves. This meant that by the time Holly hit the six-month mark, both Kate and I were back at the daily grind.

Oh and you wouldn’t believe how expensive child care can be, not to mention finding a place where we feel comfortable leaving Holly for extended periods of time. Eventually we found somewhere we both loved, but twice a week is pretty much all we can afford.

Using surveys to ease the sting

That said, we still get paid for online surveys which takes off a bit of the financial sting. Especially when it comes to groceries and baby essentials like nappies, wipes, powder and so on. The Coles and Woolies vouchers have been an absolute godsend. Plus, we’re regular entrants of the competition for cash prizes draw, which we’re still hoping to win some day. That $5000 would take a nice chunk off our mortgage, that’s for sure.

Calling in the grandparents

Thankfully, both Kate’s parents and my own both live nearby. That’s one of the perks of marrying your high school sweetheart! Between two sets of grandparents, two days of childcare and Kate’s four-day work week, we’ve got it covered. When Kate’s at work, there’s always a doting grandparent around to pick up Holly from childcare. And you can bet that when they do, she’ll be spoiled rotten. Cute new clothes, organic baby products, a professional photography session, a trip to the zoo... You name it, granny and grandad deliver!

And the best thing? Both sets are wholeheartedly on board the competition for cash prizes bandwagon. Over the past few years they’ve seen us earn online rewards that have paid for holidays, home renovations, baby goods and more. Now, they’ve decided they want their own slice of the pie, and have signed up with OpinionWorld.

Kate and I couldn’t be happier. As retirees, they’ve got plenty of spare time on their hands, so why not spend it redeeming online rewards Australia? They find it both fun and rewarding, and we’re pretty sure it gives them a kick to be earning their own cash again. They’ve had a great time exploring what’s on offer, and have already used their cash rewards to purchase a stack of books from Dymocks. They’re also loyalist Target and Kmart fans, and have stocked up on plenty of goodies using eVouchers. And of course, Holly’s the apple of their eyes so gets her fair share of paid surveys treats!




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