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Part 5:Steve and Kate Become Parents!

Baby Shopping - a blog about Paid Survey couple Steve and Kate

Steve the beer machine, Steve the heartbreaker, Steve the handyman…

I’ve had a host of nicknames over the years, but none even come close to my latest moniker. Steve the baby daddy, it’s got a nice ring to it don’t you think? Yep, nine months ago Kate and I found out we were pregnant. It’s a different kind of happy, one that’s hard to describe and even harder to compare. The day I got down on one knee and proposed to Kate by the ocean was magical, the day we tied the knot had me in tears, the day we had a candlelit dinner on the floor of our unfurnished new home was special and the day we found out we were pregnant was a scary kind of exciting. But the day little Holly took her first breath is in a “happy” category all of its own.

I know Kate is going to be an incredible mum, and not just because she’s made a career out of teaching youngsters to read, write and behave. She’s just got this way with kids, and I can only hope that Holly is half as kind, caring and gorgeous as she is.

Gearing up for bub’s arrival

Getting ready for the big day was a crazy blend of exciting and terrifying, but dad confirmed this feeling is normal. Kate seemed to calm her nerves by hitting up OpinionWorld for online rewards Australia, then cashing in her points for a David Jones voucher and shopping up a storm in the maternity section. She’s a stunner, even with a belly on her! I took her lead and used some of her free surveys for cash points to stock up at Bunnings. Baby’s DIY nursery, done and dusted.   

Making changes

Kate’s the self-confessed kitchen goddess in our relationship, and while I do love to treat her to the occasional Sunday brunch she usually does the majority of the shopping. I tried to takeover when Holly was born, but when I accidently picked up a $15 organic pumpkin instead of the regular version, she wasn’t too impressed. We’re all about healthy eating but $15 for a pumpkin? Come on!

That’s when Kate suggested we do surveys for money, and cash in the rewards for Woolworths and Coles eGift cards. Now, Kate can do the weekly shop, at her fingertips. I never realised just how pricey nappies and other baby essentials can get, so it’s great to get paid to complete surveys. Until now it’s been Kate selling her opinions for cash rewards, but I’ve even started to put in an hour or so a day and my points are racking up fast.

Spoiling Holly, survey style

Now essentials are a must, but trust me. When you have a baby girl to spoil, you can’t help but splash out on little luxuries. After all, Holly is my very own little princess.  After just a few weeks of using my lunchbreaks to earn online rewards, I’d racked up enough points to buy a $100 Toys”R”Us gift voucher.  Who knew shopping for baby goods was such fun? I was stoked with my buys, and Kate couldn’t believe her eyes when I came home after work with a Jolly Jumper set in hand.

What can I say? Fatherhood is a better than an offshore breeze on a Sunday morning. Bring on the next chapter!

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