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Part 4:Steve and Kate Move House

New Home - a blog about Paid Survey couple Steve and Kate

They say that moving house is one of life’s most stressful experiences. Worse than a relationship breakdown, starting a new job and enduring financial struggles. Over the past few weeks, I can definitively testify that this is 100% true. And I thought planning a wedding was bad! Thankfully the worst is behind us, and last night I treated Steve to a surprise trip to the movies using an Event Cinemas voucher I earned completing free surveys for cash. Definitely well deserved, if we do say so ourselves.

Hello next chapter!

Of course, it’s not all skyrocketing stress levels. The outcome of all our hard work is that Steve and I now have a gorgeous new pad to call our own. Sure, I’m going to miss our cute little courtyard I decorated with surveys for rewards vouchers, our cosy bedroom and our lovely neighbours. But the beautiful big backyard, high ceilings and double garage more than make up for it. Maybe Steve will finally cave and agree to let us get that labradoodle I’ve been dreaming of… I’ve had my eye on an adorably plush pet bed from Amazon, and getting paid for surveys online is the perfect way to snap it up without Steve noticing!

Our own version of ‘The Block’

Now you might be wondering how a young couple like ourselves managed to afford a coveted character home. Well the truth is, our new pad is a bit of a ‘fixer upper’ as they like to say. The floorboards need some serious attention, the garden is a mess and the walls are in need of a bigtime TLC. Plus the kitchen could so with a makeover, but it’s a work in progress. And again, the chance to make money online through surveys will definitely bring the costs down.

Steve gets down and dirty with DIY

Thankfully, I married the handiest guy I know. Steve has always had a thing for DIY, and redecorating the house is pretty much a dream scenario for him. As it’s mostly just aesthetic issues, we should have it looking fabulous in a matter of months. He’s even promised to teach me a thing or two, which I’m actually really looking forward to. Amazingly, Steve used the $100 Bunnings online surveys gift voucher I got him for his birthday to stock up on home décor tools. What a sweetheart.

Turning opinions into appliances

Now I might discover a newfound love for drills, but ultimately my domain is the kitchen. I love to cook, so the prospect of filling our luxuriously big (at least compared to our old place) new kitchen with appliances was a major highlight for me! With Steve busy working his magic on the home renovations, I’ve had a lot of time to build up my OpinionWorld cash surveys points. I used my cash rewards to purchase a Harvey Norman gift voucher, and next thing you know I’ve got a dreamy new coffee machine, smoothie maker, blender, toaster and microwave on their way. Plus, I’ve entered the competition for cash prizes draw, which could win us $5000!

I’ve also been reading up on Feng shui, so it was great to get a chance to experiment with furniture placement.  Décor is also a big part of creating harmonised spaces, so with the money I was paid to complete surveys, I hit up Kmart for some amazing homewares bargains. Two lampshades, one throw rug, five scatter cushions and a few photo frames later, and our new house is really starting to feel like a home.   

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