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Part 1: Online surveys, cash & rewards - the evolving love story of Steve, Kate and OpinionWorld!

The love story of Steve and Kate. A 6 part story on how paid surveys have helped Steve and Kate make the most of every exciting stage of live, from moving in to getting married to having kids.

Stocking up for Steve’s Birthday, Survey Style

When you’ve been with someone for years, shopping for gifts can become a little uninspiring to say the least. Back when Steve and I first started dating I was all about splashing out on GoPros, spending hundreds of dollars on designer clothing, blowing the budget on Gold Class cinema tickets and all the rest of it. Now, we’ve got bigger fish to fry. With a mortgage to pay off, a holiday to save for and a seemingly endless influx of bills, cash flow isn’t quite what it used to be. 


Opinions for cash rewards? Why not!

Of course, I still want to spoil my man, but not if it puts a financial dent in our life together. So when a friend suggested I try trading in my opinions for cash rewards, I was all ears. As an online ‘money for surveys’ platform, OpinionWorld exists to spark positive change for products, services and more. 

The customer is king right? And clearly, brands are willing to pay for first hand insight into the experiences of their shoppers. Basically, you do surveys for money and earn online rewards in return. So as well as feeling like I got to have a say in everything from consumer products, lifestyle services, education systems, national healthcare and more, I also got to earn cash and points as I did it.

Can you believe that last year, OpinionWorld dished out $19,584,382 to members across the globe? I got my very own slice, and I’m happy to say that I kept the dollars for myself. After all, I was the one putting in all the screen time! But Steve is a bit of a sweetheart and his birthday was coming up so with my member points, I redeemed vouchers from a handful of different brands.


So what have I wrapped up for Steve?

He’s a bit of a handyman, so I thought it was only fitting to gift him with a $100 Bunnings voucher. I might be trading in a romantic Sunday morning brunch for a morning of power drilling, but someone’s got to keep the house looking lovely. With the leftover cash I ordered a Coles voucher, then hit the shops to stock up on ingredients for Steve’s favourite dinner. And a nice bottle of red, of course. Steve’s also had his eye on a fancy new sound system so I threw in a Harvey Norman voucher to put towards the purchase.

Plus, for every survey I completed OpinionWorld entered me into a quarterly prize draw to win $5000. Fingers crossed, because that handsome cash injection will be going straight to the Hawaii holiday fund!


Gift shopping, made

I have to admit, while I used to dread birthday shopping for Steve, but vouchers and money for surveys has made it all too affordable. And a little bit addictive… Bring on Steve’s next instalment in 2017! In the meantime, I’m going to try and complete all my gift shopping via online surveys Australia. Toys “R” Us vouchers for the little ones, JB Hi-Fi for the teens, David Jones for the sister in law, Dymocks for the parents and maybe a sneaky Starbucks treat for myself every now and then.


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